Moodzz tasteful garden furniture is resistant against all kinds of weather conditions. The garden furniture is also very easy to maintain. To continue enjoying your terrific new set of garden furniture, we recommend that you take on board the tips below.

Recycled teak

The sustainability of teak is grounded in the high content of natural oils. The wood is resistant to rot and has a high resistance to gnawing by vermin. Teak is extremely stable and hardly ever shrinks. Cracks may always appear in the teak.
As for all natural products, a protector, which renders the wood less sensitive to smears, may be desirable. For outdoor use, untreated wood will acquire a silver-grey layer due to the effect of water and sunlight. This phenomenon can be partly countered through the use of maintenance products.
Recycled teak tables are best cleaned with warm water and liquid soap or soda. The use of a pressure washer is not recommended.

Wicker garden furniture

Moodzz woven furniture is weather resistant. The tread with which we work is UV-resistant. As a result, the tread is colorfast and will not harden. You can leave the chairs outdoors all year round. However, we recommend that you avoid the use of wicker garden furniture during freezing conditions. Frost in particular makes the threading less flexible.
Wicker is best cleaned with warm water and a soft brush, sponge or cloth, with or without soapy water or liquid soap. Never use aggressive cleaning products for your furniture, such as all-purpose cleaners of chlorine. Always rinse with clean warm tap water.


With regard to structure, this material is the same as plastic but has the look and feel of true wood. It is light in weight and easy to maintain. We recommend that you treat your Polywood garden furniture twice a year with a Polywood Protector. This product impregnates the top layer of the Polywood and you will thereby prevent smears. You can clean your garden furniture with a Polywood cleaner.


Aluminium garden furniture is easy to maintain. You can keep the garden furniture in good condition by cleaning it every now and then with a non-aggressive cleaning product. To prevent your garden furniture from quickly becoming dirty, you can treat it with a Wax polish.
A lot of aluminium garden furniture is combined with a Textilene seat and back. The Textilene parts should be cleaned with a mild, non-foaming soap.


Steel garden furniture has a thick coating that ensures that the steel is not exposed to the outside air. All you need to do is clean your garden furniture with warm soapy water every so often. In order to prevent dirt sticking to the coating, you can treat your garden furniture with wax.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is an alloy of steel with iron, chrome, nickel and carbon. As stainless steel does not have a coating like steel garden furniture, small dots of rust may appear on your garden furniture. This is known as flash-rust. You can remove flash-rust with the help of Stainless steel cleaner. To prevent flash-rust, you can treat your garden furniture with Stainless steel rust preventer.


Textilene should be cleaned using a mild soap.


The top layer of Trespa is completely sealed and scratch- and wear-resistant. Dirt and dyes do not permeate and the plate is even waterproof and dirt-repelling. You should clean Trespa with a mild soap.